Position announcement

A project personnel having Science education at School level and preferably with a Bachelor degree in any discipline is required for the project, titled “A motivation program for science students and teachers of Uttar Pradesh through exhibition and demonstration”, with Prof. Vinod Kumar as the Principal Investigator, PI (Indian Society for Chronobiology, Department of Zoology, University of Delhi, Delhi 110007). Salary Rs. 10,000 p.m. This is purely temporary and adhoc position. Apply on plain paper to PI by March 10, 2019.

Election: The election to the position going to be vacant on 01 April 2019 will be held during the forthcoming Biennial meeting of the Indian Society of Chronobiology (InSC) at Meerut during March 11-13, 2019. Please use the proforma attached (Nomination form) on the page below for the nomination, as required. For a specific position, a proposer can propose only one name.

Current office bearers of the (InSC)

Name of ISC member Place Position Till 31st of March
Prof. Vinod Kumar Delhi President 2021
Dr. Arti Parganiha Raipur Vice President 1 2019
Dr. Anita Jagota Hyderabad Vice President 2 2019
Prof. Vijay Kumar Sharma* Bangalore Secretary 2021
Prof. Sanjay Kumar Bhardwaj Meerut Treasurer 2021
Prof. C. Haldar Varanasi Member 2019
Prof. Anand S. Dixit Shillong Member 2019
Prof. M. Singaravel Varanasi Member 2019
Dr. Shalie Malik Lucknow Member 2019
Dr. Amit Kumar Trivedi Mizoram Member 2019
Dr. V. Shakunthala Mysore Member 2019
Dr. Neelu Jain Gupta Ghaziabad Member 2019
Dr. Nisha N. Kannan IISER, Trivandrum Member 2019
Prof. Sangeeta Rani Lucknow Editor-in-Chief, SAMAY 2019
Dr. Sudhi Singh Lucknow Member, SAMAY 2019
Dr. Sheeba Vasu Bangalore Member, SAMAY 2019

*Deceased – the office of the secretary is being looked after by the Treasurer.