Symposium Program

Day 1: Monday, March 11, 2019

10:00-11:00 – Meeting of the Executive Committee for the Indian Society for Chronobiology

11:00-12:45 – Registration

12:45-14:00 – Lunch

14:15-15:45 – Inauguration Public Lecture by Prof. Mewa Singh, University of Mysore, Mysore

15:45-16:15 – High Tea

Session I: Neural and molecular regulation of sleep and energy homeostasis

16:30-18:15 Chairpersons: 1. Prof. Mewa Singh 2. Prof. Vinod Kumar

16:30 Plenary Lecture 1: Prof. B. N. Mallick “Modulation of neural network for REM Sleep regulation”

17:05 Plenary Lecture 2: Dr. Hiroki Ueda “Systems biology of mammalian sleep/wake cycles toward molecular definition of NREM and REM sleep”

17:40 Plenary Lecture 3: Dr. Tyler Stevenson “Neuroendocrine rheostatic regulation of energy balance in Siberian hamsters”

18:20 General Body Meeting of the Indian Society for Chronobiology

20:00 Conference Dinner

Day 2: Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Session II: Circadian rhythm, melatonin and temporal adaptation

09:00–10:50 Chairpersons: 1. Prof. Monika Sadananda 2. Prof. Anita Jagota

09:00 Invited Lecture 1: Prof. Chandana Haldar “Photo-toxicity and role of melatonin”

09:25 Invited Lecture 2: Dr. Maria Oosthuizen “Adaptations to an alpine habitat – activity patterns of the ice rat (Otomys sloggetti)”

09:50 Invited Lecture 3: Dr. Malini Laloraya “Circadian rhythm in ovarian disorders”

10:15 Invited Lecture 4: Dr. Shiv Shankar Singh “Receptor mediated modulatory effect of melatonin on oxidative stress in spleen of hyperthyroidic mice”

10:35 Oral Presentation 1:Dr.Neelu Anand Jha “Impact of the loss of night on behaviour and cognition of zebra finches”

10:50 Tea Break

Session III: Photoperiodism, Melatonin, Rhythm and Behaviour

11:10–13:00 Chairpersons: 1. Prof. H. S. Singh 2.Prof. A. S. Dixit

11:10 Invited Lecture 5: Prof. Anand S. Dixit “Photoperiodic mechanism in control of seasonal reproduction in the tree sparrow”

11:30 Invited Lecture 6: Dr. Manjari Jain “Crickets, calls and chronobiology: a study of biological rhythms usingacoustics”

11:50 Invited Lecture 7: Prof. Anita Jagota “Therapeutic role of melatonin in biological clock dysfunction in age induced neurodegeneration and Parkinson disease: therapeutic interventions”

12:10 Invited Lecture 8: Prof. Monika Sadananda: “Critical periods of brain and behavioural development as windows of vulnerability and adaptability: Modelling adolescent anxiety- and depressive-like disorders in animals”

12:30 Oral Presentation 2: Ms. Aakansha Sharma “Daily expression of genes involved in epigenetic modifications in the retina, hypothalamus and liver of migratory redheaded buntings”

12:45 Oral Presentation 3: Ms. Anupama Yadav “Array of different sleep behaviors: comparative study of migratory redheaded buntings with that of a resident Indian weaver birds”

13:00-14:00 Lunch

Session IV: 14:00– 16:00: Poster Session/ Tea break

Chairpersons: 1. Dr. Shalie Malik 2. Dr. Nisha Kannan 3. Dr. Amit Kumar Trivedi

Session V: Chronobiology, Chronomedicine and Chronotherapy

16:00–18:10 Chairpersons: 1. Prof. R. K. Singh 2. Prof. Chandana Haldar

16:00 Invited Lecture 9: Prof. N. S. Verma “The origin of chronomedicine: let the natural cycle rule our health”

16:20 Invited Lecture 10: Dr.Meenakshi Sinha “Circadian rhythm disturbances in respiratory diseases”

16:40 Invited Lecture 11: Dr. R. B. Singh “Can yoga therapy influence circadian clock causing decline in morbidity and mortality?”

17:00 Invited Lecture 12: Prof. R. K. Pradhan “Why should the first bell be later for adolescents?”

17:20 Invited Lecture 13: Dr. Subhasis Sahu “Morningness orientation and shift work tolerance of female workers”

17:40 Oral presentation 4: Dr. R. Karthikeyan “Clock genes mediate network of T2DM and depression: can chronotherapeutics break the glass ceiling?”

17:55 Oral presentation 5: Mr. Arijit Ghosh “Genomic correlates of early and late eclosion chronotypes in populations of Drosophila melanogaster”

20:00 Dinner

Day 3: Wednesday March 13, 2019

Session VI: Mechanism of gametogenesis and reproduction: circadian and circannual clock effects

09:00-11:05 Chairpersons: 1. Prof. Sangeeta Rani 2. Prof. R K Pradhan

09:00 Plenary Lecture 4: Prof. Han Wang “The circadian clock promotes spermatogonial differentiation and fertilization through retinoic acid signalling”

09:35 Plenary Lecture 5: Prof. Takashi Yoshimura “Molecular basis of seasonal changes in behavior

10:10 Invited Lecture 14: Prof. Sangeeta Rani “Circannual clock regulates annual reproduction in subtropical spotted munia (Lonchura punctulata)”

10:30 Invited Lecture 15: Dr. Amit Kumar Trivedi “Clock and urbanization: Effect of urban light environment on daily clock of tree sparrow (Passer montanus)”

10:50 Oral Presentation 6: Dr. Neha Agarwal “Seasonal changes in histogenesis, neurogenesis and neural correlates of reproduction and associated events in subtropical finch, spotted munia”

11:05-11:20 Tea Break

Session VII: Physiology of Sleep: Life style and circadian rhythm effects

11:20-13:00 Chairpersons: 1. Prof. H. N. Mallick 2. Dr. Sushil Kumar Jha

11:20 Invited Lecture 16: Dr. Sushil Kumar Jha “Sleep-dependent memory consolidation: Why, how and when?”

11:45 Invited Lecture 17: Dr. Ravi Gupta “Chronobiology and addiction”

12:10 Invited Lecture 18: Prof. Hrudananda Mallick “Modern life style and circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders”

12:35 Invited Lecture 19: Prof. Ezaj Hussain “Exercise and biological clock”

13:00-14:00 Lunch

Session VIII: Comparative Clocks: Regulation of daily and seasonal responses

14:00- 15:20 Chairpersons: 1. Prof. A. K. Chaubey 2. Dr. Subhashish Sahu

14:00 Invited Lecture 20: Prof. Dinesh Bhatt “Variations in song characteristics of Oriental Magpie Robin (Copsychus saularis) with reference to the breeding stages”

14:20 Invited Lecture 21: Dr. Shalie Malik “Light wavelength dependent effects on circadian responses in birds”

14:40 Invited Lecture 22: Dr. Nisha Kannan “Circadian clock gene timeless regulates triglyceride metabolism in Drosophila

15:00 Invited Lecture 23: Dr. Jayant Biswas “How far we agree to consider a cave as no Zeitgeber zone?”

15:20 Invited Lecture 24: Dr. Neelu Jain Gupta “Seasonal changes in metabolic phenotypes of migratory male redheaded bunting”

15:40-16:00 Tea Break

16:00 Special Lecture: Prof. Atanu Kumar Pati (Title: TBA)

16:35 Oral Presentations: Chairpersons: 1. Prof. Sanjay Kumar Bhardwaj 2. Dr. Amit Kumar Trivedi

17:35 Valedictory and announcements

20:00 Dinner